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Are You Looking for One More Reason to Go to PSCA's Annual Conference?

How about the names Gerry Brooks and Dr. Carolyn Stone

It's true.  It has just been announced that Gerry Brooks will be a keynoter at this year's PSCA Annual Conference on November 29th and 30th in Hershey, PA.  

Hqdefault Come here Gerry, principal, dad, husband, public speaker, fun maker and future contestant  Stone Carolyn Webon America's Next Top Model's Educator Season.  Experience his unique brand of humor, with a big twist of reality, as he discusses life in school and day to day operations in the school building.  If you are looking for one more reason to come to PSCA's conference, Gerry will definitely be that reason.

It has also just been announced that Dr. Carolyn Stone will be doing a series of presentations on Ethics.  Dr. Stone's work can be seen in ASCA's Magazine and is known as an expert for Ethics and School Counseling.  Come hear Dr. Stone as she discusses recent court cases related to school counselors and get your LPC needed credits.

Check Out Gerry Brooks Here.

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