PSCA Conference Proposals

The Point of It All: Student Success
PSCA’s 64th Annual Conference:

November 21-22nd, 2019,
Sheraton Station Square, Pittsburgh, PA.

PSCA Accepting Proposals for Conference 64.

PSCA’s 64th annual conference provides an excellent opportunity to showcase exemplary practices specific to the profession of school counseling. Proposals will be selected on a basis of proven exemplary programs, partnerships, or practices which promote school counselor knowledge, skills, and "model" programs. Selection priority will be given to proposals that include significant strategies for collection and/or use of data in the programming efforts.

School Counselors, School Counselor Educators, Administrators, PDE staff, among others, are encouraged to submit proposals. Sessions will be one hour in length. Lead presenters MUST have a least a masters degree in their area of specialty.

Please click this link to submit your proposal.

Proposal submission requirements:

Deadline - June 1, 2019

  • Presentation Proposal Form: The proposal is to be submitted electronically on or before 11:59pm on June 1, 2019. All fields of the proposal must be addressed/completed to be considered. Incomplete proposals will be ineligible.
  • One page vita of lead presenter MUST be sent to PSCA Workshops Chair - with the submission. This is a requirement to offer Act 48 and CEU Credits.

PSCA is committed to supporting school counselors in their professional development and the 64th annual conference is all about school counselors leading the way and showing initiative and leadership in their school counseling program. Proposal Selection is based on the following selection criteria:

  • Degree to which the proposal aligns with the conference purpose and theme
  • Clarity, organization, and feasibility of the presentation proposal
  • Evidence-based or promising practices
  • Inclusion of a significant data component
  • Potential to replicate and build capacity of outcome-driven practices, including data collection and dissemination.


You will receive written notification regarding your proposal no later than August 1, 2019.

Conference Registration:

  • Presenters will have access to a screen, projector and wireless internet in the meeting rooms.
  • Presenters are required to bring their own handouts (75 copies) or can be uploaded into app for attendees; electronic copies emailed to by November 5, 2019 in an accessible format.
  • Presenters and ALL co-presenters MUST register for conference at the early bird rate, no later than (October 1, 2019 @ 11:59pm) NO EXCEPTIONS. Please reference the conference cost document on the PSCA website.
The lead presenter and second presenter will be eligible for a “presenter discount” as outlined in the conference cost document. Workshops can include up to four presenters; presenter 3 and presenter 4 are not eligible for the “presenter discount.”

**Workshops are not to be used for promoting or selling merchandise/materials.