Bylaws and Policies

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For PSCA's Nominations and Elections Policies, see below:

Bylaws of the Pennsylvania School Counselors Association

Conflict of Interest Policy

A conflict of interest arises whenever the personal and professional interest of a board Member is potentially at odds with the best interest of PSCA. PSCA will avoid wherever possible even the appearance of impropriety.  This policy describes the procedures to follow in such situation.

Fiscal Policy

It is understood that the Pennsylvania School Counselors Association (PSCA) is an organization of volunteers serving their profession and that discretion and sensitivity should be used in interpreting the guidelines of PSCA's Fiscal Policy.

Nominations And Elections Policy

The Pennsylvania School Counselors Association holds elections annually to fill various elected positions. Any professional member of the association is eligible to run for a Governing Board position. Interested persons are encouraged to submit their nomination materials when the call for nominations is made and sent out.  It is important to follow the Nominations and Elections Policy to be a viable candidate. 

Research Policy

The Pennsylvania School Counselors Association is committed to supporting higher education professionals, counseling students and school-counselor friendly organizations in research efforts that help create greater understanding of the impact of school counseling upon student success. Through its goal to “Support and promote evidence based practices in school counseling programs,” PSCA has made a commitment to support both research and the findings that support evidence based practices. To that end, PSCA is able to provide supports to researchers as indicated in this policy.

Whistleblower Policy

This policy is intended to encourage Board members, volunteers, or others to report suspected or actual occurrence/s of illegal, unethical, inappropriate (behaviors and practices) without retribution.